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July 17, 2012
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If you had to pick any troll to just hate, then you were going to pick Gamzee Makara. You didn't like him one bit. You are a (your zodiac) meaning your troll was (zodiac troll) and it was cool. You were friends with all of the trolls except for Gamzee because you found him as a creep. Besides, you were afraid of clowns.

Today, you had just got to their world when Terezi came up to you. Thinking you were Karkat, she grabbed you by the ear abd yanked it. "Ow! What was that for, Terezi?" The troll's smile turned upside down after realizing it was you. "Sorry 4bout th4t, (y/n). D1d't know 1t w4s you." You sighed and continued on your way. You and Terezi had a nice little chat. Until you came into the lab. Karkat was shouting at everybody giving orders to them. You sighed thinking it was going to be a normal day. Sadly, you were wrong. It was going to be a long day.

Karkat walked over to you and had a chat. You and him had a good relationship, but weren't dating. You kept turning around to look at a horn pile on the other side of the room. Gamzee Makara was there dancing like a fool. You sighed and got back to your conversation with Karkat. You transportalized yourself to another part of the lab since you loved to explore. You came to one room with 12 different ways to go. There were symbols floating above each one. You didn't know which sign belong to who, so you chose to go through the one with the Capricorn sign. The room looked so........familiar. You realized which part of the lab you were in. Gamzee's. You turned around to leave the palce, but the lights went out for you.

Hours later, you woke up in somebody's house. Looking around, you realized you were on the floor. You screamed on the inside at the sight of the scary clown posters on the walls. You were in Gamzee's house. You got up and left the room. Running to the front door, you heard a sound. You didn't know what it was, but you didn't bother. You grabbed the doorknob and tried to yank the door open. It was locked. He was going to kill you soon enough. You heard the sound once more. You heard it more clearly this time. Honk! It sent chills down your spine. Running through the house, you kept getting scared. The honking sound kept getting louder and louder no matter how many times you ran through the hosue. You found one of the juggling clubs that belonged to Gamzee and picked it up. Finding a broken bow as well, you prepared yourself for him.

You turned around to find his eyes staring down at you. He gave a spine-chilling smile towards you and took a step forward. You realized that he was hidden in the dark corner of the room. You swung the club towards him only to get your wrist grabbed. He took the club right out of your hand and the honking filled the quietness of the room once more. He stepped forward once more and you had enough of his games. You wrapped the strings of the broken bow around his neck and pulled hard so he would choke. Falling to the ground, he coughed, honked and begged something. You heard it clearly. "PlEaSe. DoN'T KiLl mE." You let go of the bow and unwrapped the strings from his neck. He coughed several times before gaining his breath again. "YoU'Re jUsT As sTrOnG As eQuIuS." Without another word, he grabbed the club and broken bow before leaving the room. You watched him and heard the spine-chilling sound once more.

Later that night, you had fed yourself and explored the house. It was getting dark and you found an extra club laying around. You snuck into Gamzee's room and saw him asleep on his bed. You were going to kill him before he killed you. You raised the club over your head and brought it down quickly. You closed your eyes and stopped before hitting Gamzee. You felt tears falling from your face. Yes, he is scary. Yes, he held you hostage. Yes, he is a clown which you hate the most. Yes, he has killed others before. But, they weren't good reasons to kill him. You took a step back and gasped when your foot landed on a horn. Honk! went the horn. You opened your eyes to find his staring at you through the darkness. You watched his silhouette get off the bed and walk towards you. You backed up into a wall and got scared. You felt your wrists get pushed up to the wall and you realized you were trapped. He leaned forward and whispered in your ear. "YoU ShOuLdN'T HaVe tRiEd tHaT." You closed your eyes waiting for some kind of death to come upon you. Instead, you felt something wet touch your cheek and go up a little. You blushed not knowing what he was doing. You felt the wet thing go down to your neck. You realized what he was doing. You opened your eyes and you saw that lustful look in his eyes. You got scared and got one of your hands free. You found the light switch, flipped it on and smacked the Capricorn troll. He fell to the ground with a red hand mark on his cheek. You backed away feeling guilty of yourself and ran for the door. Using the club still in your hand, you broke down the front door and ran outside.

You continued to run until you came to Karkat's house. You knocked the door using the club since you forgot it was in your hand and you threw your arms around Karkat when he opened the door. You cried on his shoulder and couldn't speak. He carried you to his room and placed you on the bed. "WHAT HAPPENED? WE SAW THAT YOU WERE GONE AND WE SEARCHED EVERYWHERE FOR YOU. WE ALSO SAW THAT GAMZEE WAS GONE AS WELL. DID HE HURT YOU?" You sighed and told him about everything that happened. Giving you a hug, he said he would protect you and placed a kiss on your forehead. You blushed knowing that he did have feelings for you, but then you realize you hadn't finished telling about what happened. You finished the story off and he just looked at you. "IT'S LIKE HE DEVELOPED FEELINGS FOR YOU." He left you in his room. You sighed and you didn't seem to feel the same way for Karkat like he did for you. Your mind then went to Gamzee. The way he looked at you through the darkness. The way he spoke to you. You felt your heart skip a beat at the thought of him. You realized what this meant. You had feelings for somebody as crazy as Gamzee.


You were in love with him.

~Gamzee's point of view~

WaTcHiNg hEr rUn, i rEaLiZeD ThAt i mAdE A BaD MoVe bAcK ThErE. HoW CoUlD I HaVe bEeN So sTuPiD To sCaRe hEr lIkE ThAt? I PlAcEd mY HeAd oN ThE WaLl sHaKiNg wItH RaGe. i fElT My hEaRt sKiP A BeAt. i jUmPeD BaCk rEaLiZiNg wHaT ThIs mEaNt. i aM In lOvE WiTh hEr.

I KnOw wHaT I HaVe tO Do.


Running as far as your tired legs could take you, you tried to remember how to get to Gamzee's place. It seemed hopeless. He would probably be coming to kill you for what you did. He can't, though. You were going to confess your feelings to him and it'll all be settled. Or at least, you hoped it would be settled. You don't know how, but you could see thorn vines on the ground. Where did they come from? You fell to the ground out of exhaustion and you couldn't go on any farther. You passed out and felt two arms pick you up. Your eyes were still open and you didn't know what was going on. He heard a familiar sound.


You woke up to find yourself on a bed. Sitting up, you found the club on the floor. As you were going to pick it up, something caught your eye. A pair of mud-covered purple shoes sat near the bed. You figured that the owner of the shoes probably left them there. Looking to your right, you saw a closet door opened. The outfits were all the same, but there was one pair that layed on the floor. Walking over, you picked it up. It was your own clothes. You blushed at the thought of what could've happened. You were wearing a tank top and panties underneath your regular clothing, but when you looked down, you didn't see neither one. You saw purple shoes, spotted pants and a black shirt with the Capricorn symbol on it. You were wearing all three of those things above what was underneath your regular clothing. The shirt was a bit big for you, but you managed to keep it on. Travelling around the house, you found that Capricorn troll. He was asleep on the floor in a corner of the room. His feet had scratch marks from the thorns outside. You walked over and gently stroked his hair. It was soft like bunny's fur. He woke up and you backed up a bit. Looking at each other, the two of you made eye contact. No words were spoken. You made the first move by pulling Gamzee to his feet causing him to fall after losing his balance. Catching him in time, you pulled him back up. You just stared at each other. Gamzee grabbed you and pulled you into a kiss. He let you go and held your hand. You both blurted out your answers to each other at the same time. "I love you!" You pulled each other into a kiss that felt never-ending. You both were unaware of Karkat watching. He felt upset and enraged. Taking out his sickle, he attempted to kill Gamzee. You ended the kiss in time to stop Karkat. "Karkat! No!" You beat him up until he didn't have the strength to fight. He left without another word.

You looked at Gamzee and threw your arms around him. You weren't afraid anymore. He comforted you. "YeS, i Am sCarY. YeS, I hElD YoU hOsTaGe. YeS, I aM a ClOwN ThAt SoMe PeOpLe HaTe ThE mOsT. YeS, I'vE kIlLeD oThErS bEfOrE." He looked into your eyes. "BuT, yOu'Ve GoT a GoOd ReAsOn To LoVe Me. (y/n)." He pulled you into another kiss that felt never-ending once again.
Not sure if I should put up the mature content block since barely any mature content happened. ^^;

This is my first Character x Reader story. I hope you like it.

Drawing credit goes to :iconkichigai:

Be sure to send this to your friends if they like Homestuck or Gamzee Makara.
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bluedragon1208 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  New member
My zodiac sign is Sagittarius. And when he said tht I was as strong as Equius, I thought tht, "that's because he is like me, sign wise". Really good story by the way
CooperKid248 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
XD I haven't seen this story in forever. Thanks for liking it.

I should rewrite this thing.
bluedragon1208 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  New member
No problem (^-^) Gamzee is awesome. As r a few other trolls.
kawaiitimexx Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
UM im aquarius
CooperKid248 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
This fanfic is pretty old, so I can't understand why people are still reading it. :(
Creepypastafan222 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Student General Artist
im a pisces ^^'
XxInvaderAmberxX Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Me as well... Awkward thing is, Gamzee's my patron troll. :iconsweatdropplz:
Creepypastafan222 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student General Artist
^^ hehe
deadlynightshade97 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Poor Karkat. He got beated up
Ajones123 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
In the story the reader hates Gamzee. What if I'm a Capricorn?
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