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Chapter 1: The doll

Somewhere, in an oppisite land, a doll that was hand-crafted to like a young Italian flew through the sky without moving much except for the cotton filled arms and legs. A pair of hands caugh the doll and placed it on the table. They worked quickly to take it apart. The person pulled the stuffing out and turned the doll inside out, so that it would have a light skin color rather than tan. New button eyes were sewed onto the doll and the mouth was sewn close. Soon, red hair, a green dress, green shoes, orange dress and a neckalce with a butterfly pendant (The color pattern were three vertical lines. Green, white and orange) were sewn onto the doll. Now, it was a doll of a young girl. The person walked to the window and let go of the doll, so that it flew through the air and to another world.

In the real world, a Russian stood on the roof of a big house. He saw a truck filled with furniture pull into a driveway and he knew that new people were moving in. A few hours after all the new furniture was placed in the house, the new people tried to settle in. Including a young, beautiful girl who went by the name Erin Kirkland. She walked outside the back door of the house and explored the palce. She came to what she knew would be a garden soon enough. She broke a stick off a tree that would make a perfect dowsing rod. To make it more powerful, she wrapped a plant around it. She let the stick lead her to where she was told a well was hidden. She stopped and looked at some rocks that were up on a hill. She had heard one move. "Hello? Is anybody there?" She threw the rock back and heard an angry voice. Running past apple trees that hadn't grown anything yet, she stopped in a circle of mushrooms. She was frigtened. What was that thing she heard?

She screamed in fear when she saw a German standing on a rock. Her frightened expression turned into anger and disgust. "You scared me to death, you stupid German!" He didn't move at all. He just stared at her.

"I'm just looking for an old well. Know it?"


"Not talking, huh?" Holding up the stick, Erin closed her eyes and focused carefully. "Magic dowsers, magic dowsers. Show me the well!" She turned around as she heard a siren and a boy with a mask on and riding a bike came towards her. Erin screamed in fear again and swung at him with her dowsing rod only to have it taken from her. She fell tot he ground as the boy jumped off the bike and stood on a rock. He turned a handle on his mask, so that he zoomed in her face. He took it off and Erin was surprised to see it was a handsome French man. "Let me guess. You're from around Europe. I assume ze country of luck, oui? I've heard of water witching, but it makes no sense. Just a stick."

"It's a dowsing rod!" Erin kicked the man in the ankle and caught her dowsing rod. "And I don't like being stalked! Not by rich French boys or their German military men!"

"He's not mine. Lives on his own. Feral. You know, wild. Of course, I do let him in my mansion and he'll bring me things like zhis amazing cross." He held up a German cross he was wearing around his neck.

"Look. I live in the country that is close by to the U.K."


"I'm from Ireland. And if I'm a water witch, then WHERE'S THE SECRET WELL!?"

"Stomp too hard, you'll fall in it."

Erin jumped out of the mushroom circle as the French man moved the dirt out of the way. "See? Iheard if you fell down zhere, you see a sky full of stars in ze middle of ze day." He looked at th house Erin came from. "Surprised he let you move in. My little brother. Owns ze Heart House. Won't give it to people with siblings."


"I can't say why." He took Erin's hand and smiled at her. "Francis. Francis Bonnefoy." He gently kissed her hand before she pulled away.

"Francis Bonnefoy? I-I've heard about you!" She started to go off about the things she heard of him. He sighed and grew bored before she finally stopped. "So, what is your name, madame?"

"Erin. Erin Kirkland."

An Italian voice echoed quietly through the silent air. Erin heard it call Francis's name. "I think somebody's looking for you."

"W-What? I-I didn't hear anything.'

"Oh, come on, Francis Bonnefoy. I heard somebody calling your name."

Francis heard the voice this time and laughed nervously while looking at Erin. "Well, it was nice to meet somebody like you." He picked up his bike and got on it. "I'd wear gloves next time, madame?"


"Ze plant on that dowsing rod of yours... It's a pushki plant. In other words, Canadian poison ivy."


Francis left Erin alone with the German who kept staring at her. He sighed and quietly followed and left Erin all alone. She looked at the well and dropped a small stone. She listened and heard it come in contact with water. It seemed liked a long fall.

(Le time skip :3)

Erin stood near the sink in the kitchen and placed seed packets up against a window. "I almost fell down a well yesterday, Alfred."


"I could've died."

"That's nice."

Erin looked at the American. Him and her brother, Arthur, were writing up a story about plants. Erin wanted to have stuff growing before her friends came to visit. "So, can I go out? I think it's perfect weather for gardening."

"No, Erin. Rain makes mud. Mud makes a mess."

"Alfred. I want stuff GROWING when my friends come to visi. Isn't that what you said?"

"Something like that. But, then we had the accident."

Erin sighed. "Not my fault you hit that truck!"

"Never said it was."


"Can't believe it. You're paid to write about plants and you HATE dirt!"

"Erin. I promise that I will order the flowers another time when the rain stops. And you've got some unpacking. LOTS of unpacking!"

"That sounds EXCITING!"

Alfred sighed and held out something wrapped in newspaper. "Oh. Some rich boy left this on the front porch." Erin took the note off the newspaper-wrapped item and read it

"Hey, belle.

Look what I found while digigng through my brother's stuff. Look familiar?


Erin groaned and unwrapped the item. She looked at a doll that looked exactly like her. "Huh? A little me? That's... weird?"

"So, who's the fellow?"

"Francis Bonnefoy. And I'm too old for dolls." Erin ran from the room before Alfred freaked out in shock not realizing who the man was at first sight.
This was the only Hetalia and Coraline crossover picture I could find.... TTATT

Anyway, I was bored and I had to make this. I love the movie Coraline and i wondered what it would be like if I added int he 2P!s as the Other Mother and all those people. This is chapter 1. Enjoy.

Picture isn't mine.

Chapter 1: :reading:
Chapter 2: Coming soon
Chapter 3: Coming soon

Hetalia belongs to its' creator.
Coraline belongs to Tim Burton.
Ireland (Erin Kirkland) belongs to me.
All characters belong to their rightful owners.
Story is mine.
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