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December 12, 2012
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Italy x Reader: Umbrella

You stared at a picture of yourself and your boyfriend you kept as your phone background. You had dated Feliciano Vargas for 2 years and he had made a promise that he would always be there for you. One day, you moved nearly half way across Europe and now lived in England. From your POV, it was nothing but cold, hard rain. You had to deal with it. Your parents moved here because of Lovino's attitude. You lived next to the Vargas brothers for several years, but Lovino always made some stupid comment about you and his brother dating. You parents had enough of him and moved away for this fact. They also got jobs in England which made you wonder which half was the truth.

Today, the sun shined brightly on every dull colored building in London. You hopped the steps trying not to slip on the puddles left behind by last night's rain. You carried an empty basket as you made your way down the sidewalk and nearly half way across London to find a food shop. Things were cheap in the stores, so you bought everything on your mother's list and had plenty of money left over. You wrapped your (fav color) over the basket feeling a little warm and looked at the bright blue sky. It was so beautiful. You closed your eyes smiling a little, but gasped at the feel of something wet hitting your nose. Opening your eyes, you covered your head with your arms as it poured. You ran down the street trying to find your house. The rain was so hard that you couldn't see an inch in front of you. You leaned against a wall and cried hard. The rain poured even more harder as you cried. You wanted to be home. Not home in your apartment. Home in Italy with your boyfriend. You missed him so much. On rainy days, Feli would allow you to stand udner his umbrella when you had forgotten yours at home. You did it on purpose to be that close to him.

You heard footsteps run in your direction and heard a familiar voice. "(name)! What's a-wrong?"

"Feli?" Looking up, you saw a figure standing under an umbrella. The figure walked closer and held you close while holding the umbrella over you both. Looking up, you stared into a pair of familiar honey colored eyes. The sight of those eyes made you feel warm inside. Your tears semmed to have dried away at the sight of your boyfriend. The rain lessened to a steady rate while Feliciano hugged you with one arm. "I missed you, bella."

"How did you get here, Italy?"

"I promised you that I would always be there for you. I had to keep my promise."

You looked at the pasta patterned umbrella that seemed to hover above you both. You couldn't believe that you were standing there under his umbrella once more. This time, you didn't leave your umbrella at home on purpose as you always did. You missed everything that Feli did to make you happy. Now, he was back to make you happy once more. Feli stared into your (e/c) orbs in a playful manenr and leaned forward. Responding quickly, your arms wrapped around his shoulders while he dropped the umbrella on the ground. You didn't care that the rain soaked you both to the bone. The rain suddenly stopped as the sun finally came out shining brightly as it did before you left. Looking around, you saw color everywhere. You had seen England as a dark place where color wasn't allowed, but your happiness brightened the mood. Feli closed the umbrella and carried you bridal style to your apartment with his playful smile painted across his face. "I'll always let you stand under my umbrella when you need to."
My first Italy X Reader story~ X3 Enjoy~

This is based off of All Time Low's Umbrella. I listen to the song non-stop.

Don't mind the Japan in the pic. He's just there.

[link] Just in case you want that beautiful pic~ X3

I don't own Italy. Italy owns you. :iconsexyitalyplz:
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I really like the story but not to be mean or anything...u made romano kinda sound like an anucence...
A nuisance..? Well, from what I see of him, he's always bitching around that he seems annoying at some point, but he's still a favorite of mine. Sorry if I turned Romano into something he isn't.
mariaushromiya Jan 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist





All this were the word I thought of while reading!

And here's a cute little skit thingy for u

Me: nee San what happen to Rome?
Italy: well he umm.
(((it's usually 2p Italy but for this he is normal)))
Me: did he go in heaven
Italy: yeah! He is up with the Angela infect he is an angel now
Me: yay!!! Grandpa Rome is an angel!
Italy: and when your time come u can to
Me: I hole that Dosent happen!
Me: cause I want to be with nee San for a long long time!
Italy: I love you little sis.
Me: me too big brother!

Hoped you enjoyed that skit thingy it's decated to u! Amazing I love this stroy very romatic and even though I don't live in the UK I pretty sure the weathers like that there, I know here in amercia
And the state that I live in I freezing my butt off!!!

I want huggle!
Thank you. X3 (hug) here's a free hug. And a nice, warm cookie. :cookie:
mariaushromiya Jan 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah!!! Cookie!!!
Japan's always there. Secretly observing your every move, and gradually plotting your demise…
Run, betch, run!
(And you got English weather right, it's sooo damn cold right now!)
X3 Thank you. I just took a random guess on weather in England from what I read before.
XD Well you guessed right! Have a mental cookie :3
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